St-Claude, 12-13 April 2014

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Jura mountains

It took us over four hours to get to St-Claude from Tignes (there were some issues with navigation...). We got to the campsite Martinet (south of St-Claude), unloaded our stuff and went to explore the surroundings. The first stop was Vulvoz waterfall. A minor road leading to the Vulvoz village was closed, and we had to drive around to get to it from the other side. The waterfall is shown on a map lower down on this page.

We left the car on the roadside and went into the wood. The path descended to the river. We found ourselves in an enchanted wood. All the trees were covered with a thick layer of moss.

Moss probably grows so well here as the humidity in the vicinity of the waterfall is quite high.

The waterfall is about 20 m tall and forms several steps. Each step ends in a deep pool. This is a popular place for canyoning, but the water was a bit cold...

The boys climbed on a ledge behind the waterfall.

The foliage is light green, this is early spring.

The strings of moss look like a horse mane.

We then drove to St Romaine de Roche and walked to a small XIII century chapel at the edge of the cliff. It was getting late but it wasn't dark yet. We also tried to find Grotte Lacuzon (top left on the map below), but to no avail...

The blue line shows our track. The chapel is shown with a red marker, and the Vulvoz waterfall is shown with a blue one.

The door was unlocked. The beauty of the chapel is in its simplicity. The stained glass on the east wall is behind the altar.

Figures on the altar.

A view of the La Bionne river and Vaux Les Saint Claude village from the edge of the cliff.

The same cliff. It was very tranquil here.

Next day we were going to walk around the campsite, have lunch and then drive to Geneva airport. A path directly from the campsite went through the Gorges du Flumen.

Coloured lines show our track. Red markers show waterfalls.

Morning exercises.

The trees along the path were again covered in moss.

The leaves near the river are all covered with mist.

This is the Flumen waterfall.

The water comes out of several holes in the cliff.

We don't know the name of these plants. They were abundant near the waterfall.

We drove to the cascade des Combes waterfall (near the top of the map above, zoom in with the mouse wheel). It was not so impressive.

We spent some time trying to find the St Anne Grotte (top left part of the track on the map above) but failed. We then went to the Queue de Cheval waterfall. This was a great place, unfortunately we did not have much time. The waterfall is up this stream.

Sonya is going down the slope.

The waterfall has several steps. Only the two bottom ones are visible in this picture.

A very nice old cottage in the Chaumont village. Note a wooden mug in the centre.

A small church in the same village.

We then drove to the airport but stopped to have a look at the Moulin d'Aval waterfall (bottom right track on the map above).

A rock on the other side of the road is called the gendarme hat. A small waterfall falls from the top.

Looking up the stream.

The boys are enjoying the sunshine. Lova in a green T-shirt is on the bridge parapet.

This was the sight of Tour de France a few years ago. We noticed a hige dilapidating bike.

This is an image from the internet of the same bike in 2010, in a much better state.

The road turned to open an amazing view of the Geneva Lake, with Mt Blanc towering above all the other peaks in the distance.

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