Iceland August 2013

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Day Five: the second glacier.

We spent most of this day on the Falljokull glacier, then hiked to a beautiful waterfall surrounded by basalt columns, visited basalt "church floor", and wild camped near a picturesque canyon.

The green tent shows the place where we stayed overnight.

The track is a simulation, and I was too lazy to draw short tracks to other places we visited that day, it is clear where we went, anyway. Zoom in to see our hike on the glacier in detail.

Approaching the glacier, this time from the correct side.

Here we are on the glacier! It was a bit wet, but the weather did not spoil our day.

A blue hole...

The glacier tongue starts flat, but then leads to some seraks

The glacier was very nice, but we met many guided groups. The guides were invariably worried about our safety.

We decided to do some climbing... And combined it with lunch.

We did not venture above this place

From the glacier we saw the lava fields leading to the ocean.

This is the Svartifoss waterfall. It only took about half an hour to get there. Quite a touristy place, lots of visitors.

The lava fields are seen from the plato above the waterfall.

In the evening we drove through a strong rain and then into sunshine. The sun lit the lava hills covered by moss

This is a natural "church floor" formed by basalt columns (it is shown on the map).

In the evening, we hiked along the Fjadrargljufur canyon. This was a good plan, we reached the canyon in the evening, when most visitors went home. We only saw one group of rich photographers (what were they doing in the dark with their cameras?), and pitched our tents above the canyon. In the morning we walked back to the car.

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