Dolomites 21-30 July 2012

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Day six: Around Mt Pelmo.

The "Р" and lyon icons show car park and the rock with dinosaur tracks, the arrow shows the direction of our track.

This was our last full day in the Dolomites. We did not have to drive far from our apartment, only 10-15 km. The plan was to walk around Mt Pelmo.

We left the car at the car park and started climbing towards Forcella Val d'Arcia. We saw Mt Pelmo every day from the window of our apartment. Now we can look back at our village in the far end of the valley.

We quickly got to the path climbing up the scree. In the past, this area was known for iron ore, and we found a few pieces. Iron ore is much heavier than the other stones. Sonya found a fossil (an unusual shell), we saw a similar one in the museum.

Forcella Val d'Arcia. The proper path goes on the scree under the rocks on the left. There is also a path on the right. We met a few people here, this place is fairly crowded.

The path is marked in places but it is easy to lose it in the scree. The path up to the pass is fairly straightforward. The sun was out and it was quite warm.

Resting on the Forcella Val d'Arcia pass. Sonya is putting her harness on, the path down leads to a fairly steep scree.

The path snakes through the rocks, quite steep in places. A few places are protected by cables.

Another little pass....

Looking back at Forcella Val d'Arcia. The path goes right under the rocks.

The path then traverses the mountain, goes down to the Venezia refuge, and then follows the grassland to the forest.

Mt Pelmo.

The rock looks like a dragon with the mouth wide open.

It was quite hard to find the rock with the dinosaur tracks. It is marked on the main path, but then there is no clear path through the boulders. We were not sure what we were looking for, and found the rock by chance when we were about to give up and go home.

We saw a marmot (Marmota marmota) near Venezia refuge. He was fairly far from us, and was busy minding his own business and pretending that he did not notice us.

Local flora, not sure what this is called.

Large Pink (Dianthus superbus)

Another view of Mt Pelmo which we circled round earlier today.

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